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Flock of Crows Discography (2010 - 2013)

  And They Gathered (instrumental) 2010

1.We Stalked  (instrumental)
2.We Hunted (instrumental)
3.We Consumed (instrumental)

 The Purging of Sin (instrumental) 2010

1.Incomprehensible Wrath 
2.A Path That Leads to Death 
3.Apocalyptic Scenes 
4. Judgement Seat 
5.The Narrow Path
6.The Purging of Sin, Postlude 

 That He May Turn Away from Hell Below (istrumental( EP 2010

1.The Way of Life Winds Upward for the Wise
2....That He May Turn Away from Hell Below 

The Eternal Doom of the Great Deciever (instrumental) 2010

1.A Warning of the End 
2.He Will Come as a Thief in the Night 
3.Do Not Be Ignorant of His Word 
4.For in Them Is Eternal Life. 
5.Surely Every Man Is Vapor. Selah. 

The Sepia Raven / Flock of Crows (split) 2011

1.The Sepia Raven - We Are Fledglings, May We Live to Tell the Tale 
2.The Sepia Raven - 64 
3.The Sepia Raven - An Autmn Breeze Tells of Summer's Departure 
4.The Sepia Raven - The Sleeping Creature Begins to Slowly Awaken 
5.The Sepia Raven - The Monster I Once Abhorred Now Stares at Me from the Mirror 
6. The Sepia Raven - The Woods Watched My Solitude in Silence 
7.Flock of Crows - This Too Shall Pass 

 The Prophet Killed (instrumental) 2013

1. The Prophet Born 
2.The Prophet Grew
3.The Prophet Taught
4.The Prophet Healed
5.The Prophet Rebuked
6. The Prophet Beated
7.The Prophet Killed
8.The Prophet Arose

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