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Slaves BC Discography (2012 - 2018)

we mean nothing. EP 2012

1.Everything Is Meaningless
2.Everything Under the Sun 

Slaves BC​/​Cousin Sleaze (split) 2013

1.To My Beloved Bride
2.Place Axe To Root 

Slaves BC // Grace and Thieves (split) 2014

 Cursed Breath // Innocent Blood
1.Slaves BC - The Wolf You Feed 
2.Slaves BC - Through Broken Teeth 
3.Slaves BC - Two Witnesses 
4.Slaves BC - Hide Us, O'Death 
5.Grace and Thieves - Eleventh Hour Confession 
6.Grace and Thieves - Fearless (feat. Victor Griffin of Pentagram) 
7.Grace and Thieves - Eye of the Storm

The 144,000 (single) 2015

1.The 144,000

Lucifer Bound (single) 2015

1.Lucifer Bound

All is Dust and I Am Nothing 2016

1.God Has Turned His Back
2.Crawling Through Nothing to Nothing
4.All Find Their Way to the Grave
5.Everything is Meaningless
6.Everything Under the Sun
   7.Nothing Remains but Death
8.There is Nothing for Me Here
9.Why Are We Here?  

Wither (single) 2017


Lo, and I Am Burning 2018

2.We Are All God's Fault
6.I Looked Upon the Face of God and My Body Turned As Ash
7.Honor Thy Father and Mother
8.When Her Prayers Are Silenced

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