Sonntag, 19. Juli 2015

Wonrowe Vision Discography (2010 - 2015)

 Mission Invincible  2010
1.The Spirit Of The Rock
2.Mission Invincible  
3.Resident Spider
5.Run in Circles
6.The White Rock
7.Smile Your Way Through Life
8.I'm Not Afraid Of The Dark
9.Wreath The Passion Of My Fire
10.Radical Parrot
11.Run In Circles (Radio Edit)  
 Wonrowe Vision Live 
1.First Ever Show: Ballan Skate Park, 30th January 2010
2.First Ever Club Show: Ruby's Lounge, 16th March 2010
 Pictures Of The Past Present And Future  2013
1.That's Total Evil
  Live At The Metal Bible Launch, December 20th, 2012, Central Club Richmond Melbourne Australia 
3.That's Total Evil
 5.You're So Kind, Yours & Mine
6.The Spirit Of The Rock
7.Mission Invincible
8.Resident Spider
10. The White Rock
11.Smile Your Way Through Life
12.I'm Not Afraid Of The Dark
Bonus Tracks
13.Lightforce - Pictures
14.Lightforce - You're So Kind, Yours & Mine
15.Lightforce - 12 Men
16.Mortification - 12 Men    
2 Headed Monster 2015
1.Stone Elder
2.Now Stand
3. 2 Headed Monster
5. Ten 12 One + 2
7.100 % Vision
8.Made Of Rock
9.I'm Gonna Be A Good Looking Corpse  
 Bonus Tracks - Wonrowe Vision Live At Steve's 50th Birthday
10. 2 Headed Monster (live)
11.Ten 12 One + 2 (live)
12.Made Of Rock (live)
13.I'm Gonna Be A Good Looking Corpse  (live)


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