Samstag, 6. Juni 2015

Crush The Enemy - "The Undisputed Heavyweight Champions" 2010

The Undisputed Heavyweight Champions 2010

2.Crush Crew Theme
3.Dawn Of The Deadbeats
4.And You Thought Courtney Love Was Hell...
5.Cobain Brain Stain
6.Oprah Doom Crew
7.Bring Back The Mosh
8.Afro's Rule
9.Afro Justice
10.Crackwhore Of Babylon
11.Menudo Fresh!
12.Al Eats Vegans
13.No Thanks To All The Bands Who Sold Out Their Faith To Impress Kids With Swoop Hair (You Know Who You Are-We Wanted To Call You Out By Name But We Couldn't Because You Would Probably Sue Us To Try And Raise Money To Support Your Drug Habit)
14.Foreskin Necklace
15.Sick Sick Six
17.I'm Sorry Tom Cruise But Your God Died And The Guys Who Run Your Religion Are Only Interested In The Big Money That All You Hollywood Types Have To Offer
18.Crush The Enemy VS. Godzilla
19.Menudo Lounge

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