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Signum Regis Discography (2008 - 2017)

Signum Regis 2008

1.Fields of Stars 
2.All over the World 
4.For Ever and a Day 
5.Bright Days of Glory 
6.The Rain
7.Passionate Love 
8.Mountain Haze 
9.Follow the Light 
10.The Ten Thousand 
11.Sirens Roar 

The Eyes of Power 2010

1.Renewal in the East 
2.Dura Europos 
4.Mystical Majesty 
5.One Fatal Enterprise 
6.The Underground Temples of Mithras 
8.Roma Aeterna 
9.Destroyers of the World 

  Exodus 2013

1.On The Nile
3.The Promised Land
4.Let Us Go!
5.Wrath Of Pharaoh
6.The Ten Plagues
7.Last Days In Egypt
9.Song Of Deliverance 
 10.Sole Survivor

 Through the Storm EP 2015

1.Living Well 
2.Through the Desert, Through the Storm 
3.My Guide in the Night 
4.Come and Take It 
5.All Over the World (Re-Recorded) 
6.Vengeance/Liar (Yngwie Malmsteen cover) 

 Decennium Primum 2017

1.Decennium Primum
2.Unfold the Mystery 
3.Damnatio ad bestias 
4.Screaming for Justice
5.Kingdom of Light 
6.The Future King
7.Well Deserved 
8.Thunder and Rain
9.Train to Neverland 
10.A Psalm of Life

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