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Drop Dead Discography (1988 - 1994)

Ending the Sadness (demo) 1988

1.The Dawning 
2. Ending the Sadness 
3. Fall of the Deadly Fortress 
4.The Revolution
5. Escape Destruction 

Drop Dead (demo) 1989

1.Legions of Shame 
2. Humanity's Fate 
3. Cryptic Burial 
4.Silent War
5. Signs of the Coming 
6. Massacre in Session 
  Our Forgotten Destiny (demo) 1990

1. Our Forgotten Destiny
2. A Man of the Forlorn 
3. Clouds on the Horizon 
4. The March of Empire 
5. Opression 
6. Falling From Grace 
8. New Frontier 
  March of Empire EP 1990

1.Clouds on the Horizon
2. The March of Empire
  Death by Fusion (compilation) 1994

1.The Dawning 
2.Ending the Sadness
3. Fall of the Deadly Fortress 
4.The Revolution
5.Escape Destruction 
7. Legions of Shame 
8. Humanity's Fate 
9.Cryptic Burial
10.Silent War
11. Signs of the Coming 
12. Massacre in Session 
13. Our Forgotten Destiny 
14. A Man of the Forlorn 
15. Clouds on the Horizon 
16. The March of Empire 
18. Falling From Grace 
20.New Frontier

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