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To Speak of Wolves Discography (2009 - 2017)

Following Voices EP 2009

1.If We Don't, Who Will
2.The Traveler
3.This Light Stays On
4.Nothing Continues to Happen
5.Vultures primeira

 Myself 2010

1.Darkness Often Yields the Brightest Light
2.You Should Have Locked Your Doors Days Ago
3.Trust but Verity
4.Dimming the Light
5.White Dress, Red Letter
6.Just One Last Time
7.In the Midst of the City
8.Quercus Alba
9.Your Cage May Not Have Bars but It's Still a Cage
10.Nothing Ever Ends

 Find Your Worth, Come Home 2012 

2.Stand Alone Complex
4.Broken Birds
5.A Simple Thought That Changed Everything
6.Nostalgia Seeds
7.Je Suis Fini
9.Dialysis Dreams
11.Rearview Memories

Ne w Bones EP 2016

1.Ok, I'll Be a Part of This World
2.New Bones
3.What the Wind Reaps
4.Phantom Limb
5.Can't Stop What's Coming
6.Pegasus Project   

Dead in the Shadow 2017

1.Haunt Me
2.I Had to Let Go
4.Enemies to Everyone
 5.Deathbed Chimes
6.Adrift Again
8.Braided Bay
9.Ashes over My Eyes
11.I Am the Shovel / I Am the Grave

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