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Armath Sargon Discography (2007 - 2017)

Veripolku 2007

1.Sinfonia A-mollissa
3.Luojani, Jumalani
4.Die Hexen Ist Tott
6.Lopun Ennustus

Opus apocalypsis Rex 2008

1.I Intro: Into dark times
3.Into pain
5.Betrayed by the World
6.II Intermezzo: Silent and dark winter forest
7.Throne room (Rev. 4)
8.7 angels and 7 plagues (Rev. 15)
9.The bowl of God's wrath (Rev. 16:1-19)
10.III Intermezzo: Hope?
11.Kiitos, kunnia ja voima
12.Macabre times
13.IV Intermezzo: Thy are worthy
14.World for fire
15.Chaos warfare
16.In nomine sanctae Trinitatis
17.King in the war
18.Outro: Out from the dark times

Dark and Dead Visions of Fallen Souls 2009

1.Dark and Dead Visions of Fallen Souls
2.Lost in Vanity
3.Damned and Lost Souls
4.Denial Supreme
5.Bowing the Empty God
6.In the Glory
7.Fall Out
8.Martyr and Madness of the Mankind

Winter of Tears and Path of Blood 2009

3.Pain Pringer
4.Lost and Found
5.Babylon Whore
7.Silent Wishpers

Love Is Life And Hate Is Death 2010

2.War till the end
3.Hail and glory to you!
7.My dear God
8.Prodigal son
9.Tears of the God
10.Still standing
11.Last battle

Reflections From Eternity 2010

1.Reflections From Eternity
2.Shadow of Eternity
3.Casting The Spirits Away part. I
4.Depth of Sorrow (To Mom)
6.Casting The Spirits Away part. II
7.The Eternal Fields
8.Psalmi XXIII

4th Dimension 2011

1.More to Come
2.Out from the Limits of Time and Space
3.Drawn in Dawn
4.The Story of the Man
5.4th Dimension
6.Pain Inside
8.Trinity in Monotheism
9.Micro and Macro Space
10.Candle Light
11.I Militia Deus
12.Tranquil Spirit of Ancient God
13.Matrix in Sensual Unorthodox Parameter

Darkness Turn into Light (Disc 1) 2011

1.Caressing Wind
3.Hail and Glory to You
4.The Garden of Eden
5.Tears of God
6.Repent and Rejoice
7.In the Desert

Darkness Turn into Light (Disc 2) 2011

1.War Till the End
2.Still Standing
3.Come to Me
4.Casting the Spirits Out into Light
6.Fight for Souls
7.Last Battle
8.Mutilation of Body and Soul

Field of Blood 2011

1.Through Your Suffering
2.Man Without Life
3.Field of Blood
4.Misery Pt.I
5.Peace over Terror
6.Yeshua (Son of God)
7.Misery Pt.II
9.Evening of Mankind
10.Du ist

Hymns from Thy Will 2011

3.Rotation in the Wheel of Death
4.Carnal Minds
5.Soldiers of the Light
6.Thy Will
7.Light Shall Prevail
9.Lighting Strikes
10.End of This All
11.Outro (Lament for the Lost Soul) (instrumental)

When Love Is Dead...2011

1.Immanuel (God Is with Us)
2.Wind In My Hair
3.Nocturnal Beast Turn to Ashes
4.Casting the Spirits Away pt. III
5.Massive Termination of Souls
6.Casting the Spirits Away pt. IV
7.Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
8.Through Space and Time
9.Psamli XV
10.When Love Is Dead...

Cyberian Inner Death 2011

 1.Intro: Cyberian Inner Death
2.Death Of Inner Self
3.Caressing (Of The Spirit)
4.Save My Soul
5.War In Heaven, War On Earth
6.Cyber Sleep
7.As The Ash Fall
8.Catch The Theif
10.The End Is Nigh

  Sea of the Blood 2012

1.Mountains of Madness
2.Drug Addiction
3.Atheistic Illusion
4.Seductive Serenity
5.Send Me an Angel
6.Eternal Damnation
7.Martyrs of Life
8.Solaris Eternalis
9.Fallen Protector

  The Book of Revelation 2012

Disc ! 54:11
Disc 2  52:30

  888 2012

1.Worry Not (Intro)
2.Death of Frozen Souls
3.Miseration of Fallen Elders
4.Dead, Lost, and Damned World
5.From Lament to Love
7.Lost in Cold World
9.Blessed (Outro)

  Under the Moon and the Sun 2012

1.Under the Moon and the Sun Pt.1
3.Ancient Wind
4.Behind the Dark Forest That Wounds My Soul
5.Mask That Hides Our Brutality
6.Lamenting of the Dead
7.God Send...
8.The Departing

War till the end (re-mastered from 2010) 2015

1.Live or Die
2.Loosing Yourself
3.Sinking and Drowning
5.Rocking the Devil's Boat
6.War Crimes
8.Lies and Truth
9.At the End
10.Behind the Clouds

)Northern Chronicles Of Worship: Autumn & Winter 2016

1.And Leaves Fall To The Ground
2.The Mist That Summons Souls
4.As The Sun Fades Behind The Horizon
5.From The Shadows
6.The Solstice Hastening
7.Perfection (...Far Beyond Dreams)
8.Left Behind (Perfection Complete)
9.The God Of Love
10.Rocky Road
11.Fading Autumn Days
1.Winter In The Forest Of The North
2.Son Of The North
4.Snow Covers All
5.Tears Of The Son
6.Northern Lands Of Frost Flowers
7.Darkness Falls On The Earth
8.The Bible
9.Cold Steel
10.Dear Father
11.Babylon In Ice

War Till The End 2017

1.Live or Die
2.Loosing Yourself
3.Sinking and Drowning
5.Rocking the Devil's Boat
6.War Crimes
8.Lies and Truth
9.At The End


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