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Steel Temple Дискографија (2004 - 2018)

Barajki go Spasot (Барајќи го спасот) 2004

1.Steel Temple
2.Wake Me
3.Crawling Images
4.Barajki Go Spasot - Барајќи го спасот
 5.Just Be Yourself
7.Se Vrakame - Се враќаме
8.Tesko E...Тешко е
9.Can You Feel The Fear
10.Morbid Visions Of Mine
11.Rock'n'Roll Do Kraj - Рокенрол до крај

Children of the sun (single) 2007

1.Children of the sun (Bastion cover)

 Life is Easy (single) 2012

  Live in Havana (DVD) 2012

1. Intro +Tubular Hell
2. Nobody's Slave
3. Reality
4. Changing Everybody
5. Why
6. Deep
7. The One
8. Life is Easy
9: Wake Me
10. Children of the Sun (Deca Sunca - Bastion Cover) 
11. InstruMetal
12. A Touch of Blessing (Evegrey Cover)
13. Game of Thrones Theme
14. Steel Temple
15. Life is Easy (Encore)
16. Ending Credits

Why (single) 2016


Why 2016

1.Intro - Tubular Hell (instrumental)
2.Nobody's Slave
3.Changing Everybody
8.The One
9.Life Is Easy

Live in Belgrade Arena 2015 (live) 2018

1.Tubular Hell (Intro) + Nobody’s Slave
2.Changing Everybody
5.The One
6.Life Is Easy
7.Wake Me (feat. Stefan from Next Time)
8.Children Of The Sun

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