Montag, 10. Januar 2022

Afflicted Truth Discography (2020 - 2021)

The Messiah EP 2020

1.Destruction of Time
2.Onslaught of God's Power
3.The Messiah 
5.Unseen Power
6.Strength and Honor

The Emancipator (single) 2020

1.The Emancipator

Recollection EP 2021

1.The One and Only
2.Blessings from Above

The Messiah 2021

1.The Messiah
2.Unseen Power
3.Destruction Of Time
5.Onslaught Of God's Power
6.Strength And Honor
8.The Emancipator
9.Above All Things

Afflicted Gut Stripper Vol. 1 (split) 2021
Skinstripper / Afflicted Truth / Gutslut

1.Afflicted Truth - Above All Things
2.Afflicted Truth - The Emancipator
3.Gutslut - Acid Brain Sex Zombies
4.Gutslut - Extra-terrestrial Butt-f**k
5.Skinstripper - Alien Demon Resurrection
6.Skinstripper - Devourer of Worlds

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