Samstag, 24. Februar 2024

Lithostrotos - "Destroyer of Death" 1999

Destroyer of Death 1999

1.Golgotha (instrumental)
2.Death Is Destroyed
3.The Day of Doom
4.Praise the Lord
5.The Lord Said...
6.Dies Irae
7.Kyrie Eleison
8.Words of the Prophecy
10.Mother's Revenge
11.Lithos Trotos
12.Ziwui, Ziwui (Wilfried cover)

Mittwoch, 21. Februar 2024

F 6:17 - "Vuelve a mí" (demo) 2014

Vuelve a mí (demo) 2014

1.Traicion en la corte
2.Vuelve a mí
3.Haz vivir tu alma
4.Aqua viva
5.Rompiendo cadenas
6.F 6:17

Montag, 19. Februar 2024

Eagle of Woes - "Revelation" 2024

Revelation 2024

1.Seven Churches
2.Seven Seals
3.First Trumpets
4.The Woes
5.Cast Down
6.Don't Follow the Beast
7.Die in the Lord
8.Divine Wrath
9.The Great is Fallen
10.The Second Coming
11.Heaven's Fire

Conquered Flesh - "Your Fate Has Been Sealed" EP 2009

Your Fate Has Been Sealed EP 2009

1.Son of the Light
2.Savior to All
3.Wrath of God
4.Divine Glory
5.Your Fate Has Been Sealed

Castaway Discography (2005 - 2008)

Come Back to Me 2005

2.Like a Bird
3.Sweating Blood
4.Who Will Save Your Child?
5.Stemless Rose
7.Why Do You Cry?
8.Bitter Sweet
9.I Will Love
10.Fall Before the Lamb

Exposure to the Pain of Suffering 2007

1.Behold the Onslaught
2.Curse the Day
3.Exposure to the Pain of Suffering
4.Righteous Quest
5.Battle Hymn
6.Ministry of Vengeance
7.Eine Lobrede
8.Sweating Blood
10.Baptism of Fire
11.Shadow of Sacrifice
12.40 Days

The Woe Oracle EP 2007

1.The Woe Oracle
2.Valley of Dry Bones
3.Battle Hymn

Let It Be Known EP 2007

1.The Rebuke
2.Let It Be Known
3.When Silence Speaks
4.Stemless Rose
5.The Grand Inquisitor

Voz de Trueno - "Sinfonía de lágrimas" 2020

Sinfonía de lágrimas 2020

1.Voz de Trueno
3.Mesías guerrero
4.Morada eterna
5.Títeres de la oscuridad
6.Sinfonía de lágrimas
7.Dios es mi protector
8.Bajo la sombra del omnipotente última corrección
9.Guerreros de la eternidad
10.Dueño de mi alma

Sonntag, 18. Februar 2024

Abrogar Discography (2006 - 2016)

Demo 2006

2.The Templars
3.Holy Whore
4.In the Name of the Lord

Against the Gods (single) 2016

1.Against the Gods

Vambrace - "Vambrace" (demo) 1997

Vambrace (demo) cassette 1197

1.Prenatal Genocide
2.Apocalyptic Visions
4.Black Morbidius

Tabernaculo Discography (1997 - 2021)

Sangre de Sacrificio (demo) cassette 1997

Side A

1.Exelsa Deidad
2.Sangre de Sacrificio
3.Muerto en vida

Side B

1.Abominación desoladora
2.Vacío del corazón
3.Symbiosis (Mortification cover)

Misery (demo) 2021

3.No temeré

The Lost Songs EP 2021

1.¿Quién contra nosotros?
3....Y Jesús lloró
4.Auméntanos la fe
5.Miserable de mí
6.Intro (instrumental)

Suplicio - "Suplicio" (demo) 2018

Suplicio (demo) 2018

1.Exhumados del infierno
3.Comida de gausanos
4.Salvaciòn post mortem
6.Forsas fúnebres